The St. Ambrose Bereavement Team, "The Bees", can provide a light luncheon for up to 50 guests if requested following a funeral at the church free of charge. The team members set up tables, shop for the luncheon food, prepare and serve the luncheon, and clean up. If you would like to volunteer for this very important ministry, please contact Sarah Maland at 801-485-9324 ext. 211 or at  


Please note:  luncheons are currently suspended in observance of Diocesan directives.

Please pray for the recently deceased members of our parish family:


Judy Hill - mother of Cheryl Sanderhill

David Hughes - husband of Carol Hughes

Evelyn O'Donnell

Bruce Barnes - uncle of Fr. Erik

Brian Neveraski - brother of Dcn. Steve Neveraski

Johanna McBeth - sister of Patty Jachim

Dcn. Robert Bambrick - husband of Pauline Bambrick

Gloria O'Reilly 

Len Gall - brother of Gloria Barker

Ruth Lillian Deon - mother of Suzanne Lacombe

Gus Karpes - brother of Paula Veenstra

John Henkels - father of Larry and Ed Henkels

Sharon Guthrie - sister of Patty Guthrie


Barbara Mullins - mother of Tammie Cleverly, grandmother of Stockton and Sloan Cleverly

JP Meyer - husband of Allison LeDuc

Raphael Belgique

Robert Snarr - father of Eric Boscan

Kristine Alexakos - mother of Ashton Alexakos

Bette Vierra - mother of Sue McGill

Mike Trapp - father-in-law of Michelle Trapp

William Louie - father of Lisa Louie

Kim Gregory - uncle of Morgan Commagere

Andy Fitzhugh - father of Hannah Rohrer-Fitzhugh

Dorothy Kaffer

Rhonda Lynn Noall - aunt of Derek Noall


Jerolyn Dugan - mother of Jo Ellen Millard, Latin teacher at Cosgriff

Gorman Reagan - sister-in-law of Mariclare Klein

Marilyn Austin

Judy Gardner Lujan

Silviano Lujan


Kathleen Haddadin - mother of Sam Haddadin

Tom Dowd - father of Jim Dowd

Fr. Rene Rodillas - pastor at St. James the Just (Fr. Erik's former parish)

Nick Miltner - brother of Suzanne Olsen