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The St. Ambrose Bereavement Team, "The Bees", can provide a light luncheon for up to 50 guests if requested following a funeral at the church free of charge. The team members set up tables, shop for the luncheon food, prepare and serve the luncheon, and clean up. If you would like to volunteer for this very important ministry, please contact Sarah Maland at 801-485-9324 or at  

Please pray for the recently deceased members of our parish family:

Lord Jesus Christ, bring into the joy of Your heavenly home those who have gone before us in death.  Mercifully welcome us too, in our time, to that blessed company where joys are complete and life never ends. Amen.


Donald “Don” Adams

Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI


Madeleine Berthou


Elizabeth Brown


Robert Brown


Philip Caligiuri


Joseph “Joe” Casalino, Jr.


Connor Chase


Sally Coffey


Robert “Bob” Davis


Nellie “Jo” Dintelman


Joan Gallagher


Jennie Garcia


Clark Giles


Reynaldo “Rey” Granja


Heather Anne Harris Leavy


Jerry Jacoby


Ruben Jimenez


Fr. Albert Ndepachio Kileo


Daniel “Danny” Kleinsmith


Annamarie Langlie


Harriet Lawrence


Mary Mayo


DeEtta Neveraski


Emily Norton


C. Jeffry “Jeff” Paoletti


Linda Paoletti


Robert “Bob” Paul Quigley


Freeman Robbins, Sr.


Teresa Diaz Sheeley


Virginia Silcox


Claire Stanley


Maryann Thompson


Mary Ann Wadge


Mary Welsh

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