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A message from Christopher Huntzinger regarding recent changes in the liturgical ministry: 




There are new guidelines for liturgical practices from the Diocese and I'm pleased to share with you the following: 


Altar Servers will return for training and retraining in July. Deacon Steve will train and retrain all altar servers after the 8:30 and 11am Masses on Sundays in July and all servers will resume their regularly scheduled service in August. We'd like to ask that NEW servers come to the training after the 8:30 Mass and returning servers to the training offered after the 11am Mass.  This will allow new servers to immediately serve at the 11am which will help them quickly learn and retain the training session. Altar Server ministry is open to all in grades 3 and up (must have received First Communion). 


At this time Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion will remain suspended as the cup will not return at this time. Please stay tuned for the announcement in sign up genius, through email and the bulletin of its return. Once the ministry returns there will be training and retraining immediately offered.  


Sadly, the choir will not return until the Fall as the normal final Mass with the Choir would have been last week which was Corpus Christi. If you are interested in singing in the choir please contact Mr. Chris Huntzinger. The choir is open to both children (4th grade) and adults and will rehearse after the 11am Mass on Sundays in the loft. Please watch the bulletin for more info around August. Choir begins singing after Labor Day and is the primary music ministry for the 11am Mass and Holy Days of Obligation. 


As with all liturgical ministries if you have any questions please contact Mr. Chris Huntzinger at or 801-209-3387. 


I look forward to our return to service at Our Blessed Lord's table.




Men and women of the parish may volunteer to be trained as lectors or readers at liturgical functions. If you are interested in becoming a lector, please contact Chris Huntzinger at 801-209-3387.

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Many men and women of the parish have been trained and commissioned to assist the clergy in the distribution of the Holy Eucharist during Mass. Interested persons who wish to take part in this ministry should contact the pastor. Training sessions are necessary before appointment to the ministry. If you are interested in becoming an Extraordinary Minister, please contact Father Erik at 801-485-5610.

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Children who are members of St. Ambrose Parish in grades third and above are encouraged to become Altar Servers. You will be asked to participate in Mass, funerals and other special events happening in the parish.  Training sessions are held about twice each year. If your child is interested in becoming an altar server, please contact Chris Huntzinger at or by phone at 801-209-3387.


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Greeters are the first people everyone sees when they walk through the church doors.  If you like to meet new people, and are willing to arrive at Mass 15 minutes early with a smile on your face, you are a perfect candidate to be a Greeter. Contact the office for more information at 801-485-5610. 

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If you are interested in being a Cantor, joining the choir, playing at Mass, or have some other musical talent you would like to share, please contact Chris Huntzinger, Music Director, at 801-209-3387, or

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Coffee Social is a time for fellowship and community service after the Sunday 8:30 am and 11:00 am Masses.  An opportunity for group volunteering: as a family, as a ministry, or as a school group.


Pick a weekend to serve after both the Sunday 8:30 am and 11:00 am Masses. Email Bruce Baron at if you are interested in volunteering.

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Home Communion Ministers bring Communion to parishioners unable to attend Mass.  Family members and friends of parishioners, or parishioners themselves who are homebound, residing in an assisted living facility or nursing home, in the hospital, in need of support, comfort, or care often request a visit from a Home Communion Minister.  If you would like to have a Home Communion Minister bring Communion, please call or email Sarah Maland, Coordinator of Homebound and Bereavement Ministry, at 801-485-9324 ext. 211 or


While Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion at Mass remain suspended at this time, Homebound Ministry has resumed, and we are looking to build up our volunteer numbers again.  Homebound ministers take the Eucharist to residents in skilled nursing facilities as well as parishioners who cannot leave their homes.  If you are a trained Extraordinary Minister and you would be interested in volunteering for Homebound Ministry, please contact Sarah.




St. Ambrose is happy to provide a light luncheon following a funeral at the church for up to 50 people. Arrangements must be made with the bereavement coordinator when planning your loved one's funeral.  Also, if you would like to volunteer for this ministry, please contact Sarah Maland at 801-485-9324 ext. 211 or at



The Parish Council is a representative body of parishioners concerned with ministry and service to the parish under the guidance of the pastor.  Some members are elected, several are appointed, and the remainder represent various parish organizations.  Parish Council meets the third Monday of the month, and meetings are open to all parishioners.  Learn more about the Saint Ambrose Parish Council here.